solar panels for home

Solar Panels in India for Homes

Solar Panels For Homes

Electricity is one gift of human intelligence that has become an important part of our life. Urban population completely depends on the electrical appliances for their day to day working. The rising consumption has evidently resulted in an acute shortage of supply. Solar energy could be the answer to this electric crisis. Using solar panels at home not only saves the environment but also saves a lot of money spent on electricity bills.

Solar Panels in India

Electricity generation through traditional means like water, coal, etc. has a negative impact on our environment. Whereas, solar energy remains as the best source to generate electricity to meet the requirements with no threat to the environment or your pocket. ZunRoof is a leading solar panel company in India offering a chance to get rid of bulky electricity bills for once and for all.

Solar panels are the devices installed on the rooftop that capture solar energy to be converted into electrical energy. It is suggested to install these panels on the rooftop due to the benefit of height and safety. The installation of solar panels might seem costly but it is a onetime investment and you can reap the profits for decades.

The Benefits of Solar For Homes

The best part about installing solar rooftop panels For Homes is that one can enjoy a perennial supply of electricity without unreasonable power cuts. Furthermore, there will be no need to wait in queues to deposit the bills every month as the electric supply will be free. There are many such benefits of installing solar panels.

The maintenance cost of solar panels is also negligible as compared to your monthly bills. A household of four people spend more than INR 4,000 on their monthly electricity bills, which equals to more than INR 48,000 yearly. From this point of view, an investment in solar panels will definitely be a fruitful investment.

Apart from that, if the consumption of solar energy is less than the production, then you can earn money by sending the excess to the distribution grid. However, on a rainy day, energy will be supplied by the grid.

The Government of India understands the importance of solar panels and their benefits. For this, the government is giving subsidies for the installation of solar panels and is promoting the use of solar panels at a household level like never before. The rise in demand for solar panels has resulted in the rise of solar panels manufacturers in India.

How many panels are required?

The number of solar panels required for a household generally depends on the number of units consumed in a day. A single panel generates around 4 units a day (this may vary depending on the intensity of the sun rays). If there is a consumption of 40 units per day in your household, you require only 10 solar panels. Just make sure that you have enough shadow-free space to allow the maximum amount of rays to reach the panels.


Solar panels are a revolutionary means to generate electricity. It was revealed in a study that if only 25% of the Indian households install solar panels, the crisis of water and electricity will end. Imagine the results of 100% installations!

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