Is Solar Power Really Expensive?

The conventional thinking goes, in order for solar power to compete with other forms of energy so that it can be completely accepted as the primary energy source, it needs to become way cheaper.

Installing rooftop solar panels can be prohibitively expensive, after all, it takes two to three years before the resulting energy savings pay off. For the individual, it doesn’t matter whether solar panels will save you money in the long run if you can’t afford them in the short run.

Well, the thing have changed now- solar power is affordable than ever.

As compared to 1990s, the cost of a solar panel system has reduced almost 100 times. Certified solar installation companies are plentiful and utility companies all over the country work with homeowners to make solar installation easy.  Every year, it’s becoming more affordable to install solar panels—in fact, solar officially became cheaper than traditional, carbon-based fuel sources in several countries just last year.

 Monthly Payment Plan, has also made solar power systems installation not bother the pockets of people.

Monthly Payment Plan for Solar Rooftop

We understood the constraints involved and in order to pose a solution to the issues of affordability issues of solar rooftop installations and to encourage people to exploit renewable energy, we have launched Monthly Payment Plan for solar rooftop installation. The plan consists of easy payment methods along with amazing benefits. It comes with a minimum upfront payment and an affordable monthly payment which is as low as ₹660. This initiative will not only take away the budgetary constraints of home-owners and make the solar rooftops affordable in India homes but also add up more people to the solar industry.

You can read more about the plan in this article here

How Does This Make Solar Rooftop Affordable?

The benchmark price of solar rooftop installations is at set at ₹60,000/kW.  So, if you will like to install a solar panel system of 5kW, you will have to pay 3 lakh INR, which is of course on a higher side. However, with our monthly payment plan, you just have to pay 10,000/kW and the rest of the amount is paid through tiny monthly instalments. 

Further, the instalments are so small that they hardly affect your monthly budget. Moreover, the system generates enough energy in a month which helps you save off your utility bills and selling the surplus energy to the grid lets solar panel system pay for itself.

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