5 Reasons Why Solar Energy is Right For Everyone

As the summer of every year, solar power gets hotter each year. 

Solar energy is the most rapidly growing sector of the Indian energy markets — a fact boosted by technology that has in recent years dropped in cost and increased in the efficiency.

But is solar energy really right for you?

 Here are five reasons that make solar energy the right choice for everyone:

  1. Truest Source of Energy

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable. As long as the sun is shining, every homeowner has access to the energy benefits of solar power. Historically humans have used the sun as their primary energy source, and today’s solar panels are bringing us back to this reality. Solar energy’s renewability is in stark contrast to fossil fuels.

  1. Solar Panels are Long Term Investment

Your solar system will start saving you money the moment it’s switched on, but the benefits of solar power run well into the future. Indeed, the longer you have your system, the more benefits you enjoy. Most solar systems pay themselves off in less than five years, and they add value to your home.

  1. Best Way to Give Back What Nature Deserves

Installing solar PV panels on your roof is one of the easiest and most practical ways of contributing to a sustainable future. Though most of us would love to be rallying in the world’s rain-forests or scouting the ocean for illegal poachers, it’s not something we’d usually get around to! Going solar makes you give back what our nature deserves; installing a small 1 kW solar electricity system prevents the release of an incredible 1.5 tonnes of carbon every year.  It causes no pollution during collection or use (small amounts may be emitted during production and delivery of solar panels and technology). Solar power is one of the cleanest of available energies.

  1. Affordable More Than Ever

The cost of producing and installing solar power systems has dropped dramatically when compared with systems from just ten years ago. A highly competitive market and enormous global demand continue to drive prices down and it’s no wonder that the industry is experiencing a boom in India. Plus, there are still plenty of generous government incentives, which add up to lakhs of rupees saved over the lifetime of your system.

5. Increases the Value of Your Property

As more Indians see the value in solar PV panels, getting a quality system installed on your property adds instant desirability and value. Adding a solar rooftop system is just like any other high-value improvements done in your house, such as remodelling the kitchen, adding a wooden flooring or even repainting the entire house. All these renovations significantly increase the value of your house, as does a solar rooftop system.

Solar energy encourages energy independence. With solar panels on your home, you are not bound by international energy markets or price fluctuations. Using renewable energy gathered on your home turf puts the power directly into your hands.

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