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How Is a Solar Battery Different From a Normal Battery?

Do you know that solar energy technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world?

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar energy industry is doubling its size every year.

This tremendous rise in the solar energy technology sector has given birth to another technology which is- solar batteries.

In today’s post, we will see what a solar battery is and how it differs from a normal one.

Firstly, let us get a brief background knowledge about batteries.

What is the battery?

A battery is a device which stores electricity and powers the electrical devices. There is a range of batteries available in the market based on their type, size, functionality and various other parameters.

Solar batteries are used to store energy collected from the solar panels. These batteries are typically used in both, hybrid and off-grid solar systems.

How is a solar battery different from a normal battery?

While both the batteries perform the same function of storing energy in the form of charge, these are different in terms of their content and charging potential. Let us see those differences.

Based on Contents

A solar battery has three main components- lithium base, two electrodes and titanium mesh. And these have a fairly thicker positive grid spine. On the other hand, a normal battery has a thinner grid spine and they usually work with lead-acid interaction. 

Based on Charging Potential

Solar batteries are advanced in terms of charging and discharging potential. These even work well when they are exposed to fluctuating and inconsistent charging from solar panels. 

Solar batteries with tubular technology are considered the most advanced. They have a deep cycle design that enables them to completely get discharged so that the full potential of the battery can be utilised. Further,  they require minimum maintenance, have an electrolyte indicator and can even work efficiently in areas with power cuts.

Irrespective of these differences, both solar and normal batteries can be used with your solar panel system. However, with a normal battery, you will need a solar charge controller. 

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