World Environment Day: Right Time To Go Solar

With these challenging times for the human race, the need to give back what nature deserves is more than ever. The recently unfolding of coronavirus– a tiny creature which is not even visible to the naked eyes, has made us realise how vulnerable we are to any change in the environment; be it even the introduction of a tiny-little micro-organism. It has taken thousands of lives and has affected millions of people. This small virus has even single-handedly taken down the top economies of the world. Besides the pandemic, several frightening news from all around the globe is coming along, such as the locust attack, cyclones, earthquakes, and so forth. It appears that the world has come to its end.

This year, the world is witnessing the World Environment Day with theme “Bio-Diversity” and will be hosted in Colombia in partnership with Germany.

The theme for this year is perfect as we have now realised that every life on the planet is inter-dependent and how important it is to care more about our surroundings.

However, as the legends say ‘Nature is the creator as well as the destroyer’, our nature always strives to keep things in balance. It has provided us with enough non-renewable resources, which are no less than gold mine or apparently, more worthy than it, and not to forget the unlimited energy we get from the sun.

One way of giving it back to nature is by going solar which lets you consume clean, free and smart energy. In fact, researches have proven that each kilowatt of solar energy is 150+ trees planted. It is of the cleanest energy sources available today. Sola energy reduces in water pollution, reduces greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions, as well as, reduces strain on finite resources.

We can’t really celebrate World Environment Day, however, we can celebrate our nature by giving back what our nature deserves and opt more solar energy.

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