5 Misconceptions About Solar You Need to Avoid

The idea of harnessing solar energy has been around for quite some time now. So do the misconceptions about it. 

‘Solar energy is expensive’

‘Solar energy is not efficient’

Do these sound familiar?

They do right! But, let us warn you, these type of false comments and notions about solar is not based on any fact. In fact, these are also considered to be the pitfalls to the solar energy sector as they disguise people about solar energy.

We have busted out top five misconceptions about solar for you. Here we go,

1. “Solar Energy is Less Efficient”

Humans have now developed commercial solar cells which have 25% efficiency. This may look on a lower side, but, when we put it into perspective, the efficiency of our conventional solar energy sources is lesser. In India, coal is used to generate 70% of the electricity and the process, right from importing coal to generating energy, has 12-15 efficiency.

Moreover, efficiency is measured when we have two things to compare. And the efficiency of solar cells is compared with the photosynthesis process in plants. The efficiency of normal plants in converting sunlight into energy is 0.5-1% and of biomass plants is about 5%.

2. “Extra Space is Required for Solar Power Installation”

You will be surprised to know that a 1kW solar panel system only requires 80-100 sqft of area. This area is the same as the parking area for a car. Additionally, a 1kw solar panel produces 100 units of electricity every month. So, just by using your parking area to install solar panels, you generate electricity, as well as use solar panels as a shed for your car.

In addition to this, the free space on your rooftop can also be used to install a solar panel system. As most of the Indian houses have a terrace of around 200 to 300 sqft, the area required for installation of solar panels can never be an issue here.

3. “Solar Energy is Expensive”

This is apparently the most common misconception about solar energy that goes around humans. People never compare it with other energy plants like the coal power plants that require 5-7 for 1MW. On the other hand, a 1MW solar power plant only requires 2-3 crores.

Also, based on cost per unit, solar energy costs Rs 2-3 and energy from coal costs Rs 5-6.

Plus, India is now the forerunner in producing solar power at the lowest cost globally. We have beaten China as well, which is usually the cheapest producer of everything. 

4. “Solar Installation Requires High Maintenance”

Unlike other power generating systems like coal power plants, hydropower plants and nuclear power plants, solar power installations do not have moving parts that require timely maintenance such as dynamos and turbines. Solar power system relies upon advanced yet simple technology. Components of the solar installations only require cleaning to avoid accumulation on the panels. There is coating available for the panels as well, which makes the cleaning and maintenance even easier as the dirt on solar panels gets washed away with the rain.

5. “Solar Energy Does Not Fulfil All the Energy Requirements”

This is the oldest of all the misconceptions that go around. However, with the introduction of more advanced technology and new developments, the solar power sector is now capable to cater to any energy needs.  Small lamps can be powered, a whole house can be powered, even the energy need of an entire village can be fulfilled by setting up suitable solar panels system.

Rumours and wrong notions about everything will always be around; what we need to do is do a fact check and before forming an opinion, think analytically and speculated. This goes with the solar energy sector as well.

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