How To Take Better Care of Your Solar Panel System?

‘Taking better care of things makes them last longer.’ The phrase applies to everything- be it a  relationship, be it your health or even your car or motorbike for that matter. And your solar panel system is no different. Good care ensures that every component of the energy system works efficiently, which in turn maximises the energy output and helps you in reaching your energy-saving goals.

But, how to take good care of your solar panel system?

Well, this post here will help you in taking care of your entire solar panel system in the most effective and easy way.

Regular Cleaning and Checkups

Cleaning a Solar Panel

Maintaining good hygiene of your solar power system will not only increase its efficiency but it will also give it a longer life. Dust, debris, pollen and even birds’ droppings often get accumulated over the surface of solar panels. This reduces the amount of sunlight going into the solar cells, which eventually decreases the energy output. So, it is critical that you clean your solar panels regularly. We would suggest you do that once every six months. You can either use a hose, a solar panel cleaning agent or just warm water to clean the panels. However, never use any local agent or any abrasive liquid which can damage your solar panels.

Now, when it comes to cleaning the other parts of your solar panel system, other than solar panels, you can just use a dust-cloth to clean off the dust. But, make sure you always switch off the system before dusting it and never touch the electrical junctions on different parts.

Coating You Solar Panels

Solar Panels With Self-Cleaning Coating

Getting your solar panels coated substantially increases the efficiency of the system. There are mainly three types of coating available in the market- Mineral Coating, Glass Coating, and Robust Coating. Each one of these is aimed towards getting maximum energy out of the panels and reducing maintenance labour. You can choose the coating that fits your budget and your location.

Monitor Energy Usage

Zunroof’s IoT RMS App

It is never a bad idea to keep a track on the energy output and on the performance of different parts in the solar power system. It will help you in gauging any faults in the system that may arise in future.

If you have a grid-tied or hybrid system, your net metering arrangement will anyway give you readings utility energy. Additionally, we provide our user with an IOT powered remote monitoring system which provides real-time monitoring of solar power generation. It also provides control to every device connected with your solar power system.

Checking the System After Bad Weather

Solar Panels Under Dark Cloud Cover

Severe climatic conditions like hailstorms, heavy rainfall, or tornado can cause damage to the entire solar panel system. Solar panels are most vulnerable to such damages as they are mounted without any cover and any damage to them can severely affect the energy generation. Moreover, during such events, wired-connection can also get distorted. Hence, it is important to thoroughly check every component of your solar panel system after such bad weather conditions.

Solar panel systems, however, are easy to maintain as they already come will a long life expectancy. But, taking little yet better care does no harm. So, take good care of your solar power system, and even better care of yourselves.

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