10 Essentials to Survive Lockdown

“25 Din hai, bacha lena apne shehr ko” Gaitonde’s iconic dialogue from sacred games came to mind as we heard the Prime Minister announce a 21 day nationwide lockdown to assist the authorities as the fight against Corona Virus, which has claimed 22,026 lives so far, continues. So, what has changed for you? If we’re smart, perhaps nothing. Social Distancing still remains the key in the fight against Corona, which makes it extremely important for us to abide by the rules.

“Life finds a way” said Ian Malcolm, the pragmatic mathematician from Jurassic Park. While we don’t expect Dinosaurs anytime soon, we are here to assist in your evolution. Here are 10 ways how you can survive the lockdown or maybe the apocalypse(we’ll leave this one for later,perhaps)  

Get your food right!

Well, the lockdown has the potential to change the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do, cut down on junk and eat right. No more Pani Puri strolls in the evening or post lunch semi-meal “snacks”. This is it guys, the slope is right there, all you need to do is roll on down to an increase in life expectancy. What an irony!

Cap’n Cook

Yo! Mr. Brown, Let’s cook. A busy corporate life has been a good excuse to not learn how to cook. All that has changed in a matter of days. Cooking your own food just jumped a lot of places to the top of your survival skills requirement. Here’s how to look at it, you could become the next masterchef. You never know, Gusteau said it “anybody can cook”.

You’ll Float too…unless you exercise

What’s more scary, a killing clown or increasing waist size? Unless you want to float like Mr. Dursley did, you’ll need exercise. We want you to plug your earphones in, put on eye of the tiger and NOT RUN, instead what you can do is get some light exercise to put your sweat pores into use and make sure you don’t have to buy jeans when you get out of this lockdown  

Where is my mind?

So many questions, so few answers. This is the time to reflect, but while you do that make sure you’re keeping your mental health in check. What’s happening may seem insane but it is what it is, so you’ve got to keep up. Talk to people around you, Your phone can do more than just instagram, maybe about time you called your school friends? 

Mi Familia

Family is everything. If the Godfather says it, it must be true. We understand it is hard to prioritize things sometimes in life and more often than not the buck stops at our families. This is the perfect time to sort out your ties with your family, spend more time with your kids, parents and those who love you. This is an offer that you shouldn’t refuse. 

Back to the Nature

Perhaps the most beautiful image from this lockdown comes from Tel aviv’s airport where a family of geese were seen crossing the empty tarmac. The weather in Gurgaon which happens to be pretty obnoxious has turned pleasant. Things we thought we’d never see, huh? An evening on your terrace or balcony with a cup of tea and dire straits playing in the background sounds like a good way to spend your time.   

Books Books Books

If you have a collection of books sitting in the corner collecting dust then I’ve got news for you. The apocalypse that you were waiting for when you’d dust open those books is here. Evolution is incomplete without the evolution of your mind, unless you’ve evolved into Tarzan. He was lucky he met Jane Porter and not Jane Austen, we’d never get to have the disney live animation movie then. Read up! 


How many more dates do you want to keep using the same skills. Time to level up, increase your horizon. Learn something new, the possibilities are endless, From learning how to make TikTok videos to speaking in Mandarin. Maybe about time you picked up that guitar you bought in 9th grade to “Learn” 

Dr. Who? You.

Parents disappointed because you couldn’t crack medical school? Then this lockdown is going to change that to some extent. It is imperative that you learn to take care of yourself but if things go south you need the skills to administer basic medical help to yourself or others around you. Make sure you don’t get yourself sick and learn to handle it till you absolutely need professional help. Let’s make sure the Doctors’ need is limited to urgent cases only.  

All in all we believe we’ve given you the recipe to take the lockdown by its horns. But if you believe in a post apocalyptic world or basically gurgaon on a monsoon day if you can’t picture it, then we can help you out. Make sure you start generating your own power before the grids go dark, ain’t no Instagram then. Time to prepare yourself, maybe? 

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