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How to Choose the Best Rooftop Solar System for Your Home

First of all, taking a step towards going solar in itself is one of the biggest investment opportunity you are undertaking in your life. Now if you want to ensure that you buy a solar system at the best price WHILE not compromising on your savings in the future, here is a checklist that ZunRoof recommends you tick off before you finally install the solar system at your home

Choose only from certified Solar Panels

Go only for MNRE approved tier-I solar panels. There is a large selection of solar panels available in the market for purchase. I would suggest that you choose NOT to skimp on quality when picing your solar panels. Your average solar panel should last at least 25 years and still give up to 80% efficiency by that time. Low quality solar panels will cost you dearly on the long run in terms of durability and efficiency as time passes.

Check if there are any rebates or subsidies available in your state.

Many state governements have put out some amazing incentives to push residents to take up renewable energy sources. Check in on the subsidies or rebates your local governement is providing on Rooftop Solar Systems and solar panels. Some states in India tend to pffer up to 40% subsidy on choosing to go solar!

Have a thorough site assessment done of your roof

Your return on investments and efficiency will drop significantly if you do not get the right inclination, positioning, or space to put up your solar panels. Have an expert do shadow profiling and design the perfect system layout for you before you splash on a solar panel which just doesnt absorb any energy from the sun.

Select a system size that best meets your energy demands

Do not overdo it on the number of solar panels that you want to purchase. It will take you way too many years to break even if your power consumption is below your solar enery supply and the system will have been too expensive to be beneficial. Use the ZunRoof Solar Calculator to know what size your system should be to save on money.

Go for Polycrystalline Solar Panels Instead of Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels tend to have an efficiency of 20-21% and take up only 75-80 sq ft of space per kW but they can be quite expensive. You can choose to skip that and go for a polycrystalline solar panels. They have a efficiency of 16-17% and take up 100 sq ft per kW. Though they are less efficient, they are still much more cost effective at producing the same amount of power and you will get your return on investment much earlier. This guide can help you further.

Now taking all these steps would require you to go to different vendors and organisations. Instead of spending months going back and forth, you can hire companies like ZunRoof to be your single contact point to get a residential Rooftop Solar System instead of dealing with 10 vendors. You can book your assessment at INR 50 right now to start off if you want.

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