delhi residents free electricity for 23 years

Delhi Residents can Get Free Electricity for 23 years

The technological advancements combined with the economies of scale have resulted in lowering the prices of Solar Panels by 99% in the last four decades. The state and centre subsidies have further facilitated the adoption of solar energy in the SMEs and residential sector across India. As a result, the capital of our country – Delhi, now has the historically lowest price of on-grid solar panel installation in the entire country.

According to IPGCL, nodal agency of MNRE in Delhi, 1kW of On-Grid solar panel installation in Delhi will cost only Rs. 29,400. This price includes the price of solar panels, solar inverter, net meter ,all other auxiliary components and upto one meter of elevation. For people seeking higher elevation for their solar panels, IPGCL has capped the cost per meter of elevation to Rs. 490 per meter upto three meters.

These lowest prices have been a game changer in the adoption of solar energy in Delhi this year. Every kW of solar panel installation produces 1500 units of electricity in a year, that means an electricity bill saving of Rs.12000 per year (at Rs.8/unit). The solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and the return on investment period is a little over two years which assures free electricity for the next 23 years.    

ZunRoof  won the IPGCL solar tender for 2019. Pranesh Chaudhary, Founder & CEO of ZunRoof says, “The people in Delhi should totally utilize this opportunity before it is gone. Anyone who gets monthly electricity bill over Rs. 2000 and has roof rights can visit our website, fill up the form and make money from sun.” 

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