Have you Installed On-Grid Solar panel on Your Rooftop?

On-Grid Solar Panels In India

Pollution seems to have emerged as the most treacherous threat to mankind. Every single metropolitan city in our country is breathing in pollutants deep into its lung and consequently getting increasingly unwell with every passing day. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru are pretty consistent in the exhaustive list of the most polluted city from across the world.

But still, there is a ray of hope coming through the crack, as India as a the nation has taken its first robust step towards being able to cut down significantly on the indiscriminate emission of greenhouse gases with the emergence of The Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) which promotes the acceptance and expansion of renewable energy. Government of India is playing heavily on solar energy It also allocates funds to be used for the purpose of setting up an infrastructural Ecosystem supporting production and consumption of renewable energy. The new wave of sustainable energy which is gradually escalating to the magnitude of a profound business proposition has the enormous possibility to achieve economy of scale. On-Grid Solar Panels are complete must to adopt as they are the best mean for renewable energy

India is said to have put forth an ambitious target of producing 113 GW of solar power by 2022 which accounts for almost 45 % of the total volume of renewable energy to be cultivated in the next 3 years. Hence solar power is the way forward for the country to thrive on sustainable energy.

Solar energy Ecosystem is incomplete without on-grid rooftop solar panel. The on-grid Solar Panel basically refers to the panels connected to a power grid which is being fed by the solar energy that the panel produces. The solar panels keep supplying the solar energy to the grid as they keep producing it throughout the day as long as the Sun shines in the sky and there is a digital meter installed in the grid that constantly measures how much of energy has flowed into the grid within a defined span of time. Benefits of On-grid Solar Panel lies in making someone capable of cashing in on the volume of solar energy that he has steered into the grid. It also helps cut down on the installation cost incurred by solar utility equipment and rechargeable batteries.

The solar energy sector is now brewing with the presence of corporate because the Govt of India announced lucrative tax benefits for those who will be partnering with them to help the sector grow and prosper over time. ZunRoof is dominating in the solar rooftops Industry and is leading on-grid solar company in India.

As the solar industry in India is still in its infancy, it cannot sustain without a robust reformation in the governmental policy framework integrated with massive administrative intervention.

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