What is Net Metering and What are its Benefits?

Net Metering is a Bi-Directional Meter for a Solar Rooftop Panels In which consumer only pays for the power which gets consumed from the Grid Net-metering is a billing mechanism which allows you to feed the surplus electricity generated from your solar system back to the electricity grid. This allows one to further reduce their electricity bills and save more .

Net Metering in India

In the year 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an ambitious goal wherein India would work towards the capability to generate 175 gigawatts of renewable energy, including solar energy, by the year 2022. As of December 2018, by government estimates; India has been able to achieve the generation of 75 gigawatts of renewable energy, including solar energy.

With the growing popularity of solar energy, users are being increasingly incentivized for turning to renewable energy sources, and one such form of incentivization is Net metering in India. Net metering is the ability to sell back unused solar power to the grid when the generation of solar power exceeds consumption.

Benefits of Net Metering

In a tropical climate such as India’s; the ability to generate solar power with residential and commercial solar systems is great owing to the abundance of sunshine all throughout the year.

Solar systems capture the rays of the sun to generate solar power, and when the sun is shining down hard and strong; it is not unusual that privately installed solar systems generate more solar power than required.

Solar power is a precious commodity and net metering ensures that solar power does not go to waste. Excess solar power generated by privately owned solar systems can now be sold back to the grid, courtesy of net metering.

This system ensures that solar energy is adequately used to decrease the dependence on non-renewable energy sources, as unused solar energy sold back to the grid is utilized appropriately. For residential and commercial proprietors of solar systems that generate more solar power than can be used, net metering allows both businesses and individuals to profit off privately generated solar energy.

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Net Metering State Policies in India

It must be noted that not all 30 States and Union Territories in India have policies that are applicable to off-grid and grid-connected solar systems and net metering. However, the majority of states do, and these policies are often favourable to grid-connected and privately-owned solar systems. The essence of these policies emphasizes on incentivizing solar system owners for generating solar energy in excess.

The emphasis is also on minimizing the cost burden of grid-powered electricity, over and above the savings enjoyed by commercial and residential owners of solar systems who have made the conscious decision of decreasing reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Net metering in India and around the world is definitely a win-win proposition.

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