Solar City


The Potential is Real


Gurugram has everything it needs to become a “solar rooftop” township. That means, loads of sun, a good policy environment, good infrastructure, and most importantly, an overcoming mindset. Today, the total installed solar rooftop capacity in the city is on its way to overcome the 25MW mark. However, the city’s real rooftop solar potential is well over 200MW.

With the coming of age, the need for green energy, and consequently, solar energy is quite dire indeed. Not only can solar power significantly decrease the reliance on non-renewable resources, but also brings cheaper options to the table. Solar cost is low and falling (Rs 5-Rs 6 per unit), while the cost of grid power (Rs 7-Rs 8 per unit) is rising. The return on investment for solar is in three to four years, after which the consumer can enjoy free electricity for the next 25-27 years or so. In fact, with On-grid Solar Solutions the consumer can earn money back at the same rate of provision, through net metering.

But why did solar plateau ?

But, the truth is that it is imperative to popularize solar power as a commodity at the household level. For this, substantial work needs to be done to improve basic understanding of solar power and government policies on solar. Because, people carry myths; misinformation and preconceived notions about solar power. They think of it as a hard-to-understand, fast-changing technology. For the average uninformed consumer, the upfront cost seems daunting and the financing options appear limited. Besides, installing and maintaining solar panels seems dangerous too. However, these things become easy to understand with the right guidance from a reliable Solar company like Zunroof.


Consumers often get perplexed comparing quotes from various vendors selling products of varied quality. And that is why we suggest our consumers to go through experienced Solar EPC Companies like ourselves, at Zunroof. We cut out the middle man, and make the installation job quick and easy for the customer. Not just that, we also provide continued best-in-class customer support. The success stories on our website about our most valued customers who went solar, are a testament to our expertise and quality assurance. Besides, Gurugram serves as headquarters to us and is our Solar home.

We truly believe that with the right support and push, Gurugram as a solar city is a becoming-reality. But we need to take the right measures-

By demystifying solar power, it can become popular as a commodity or product rather than a pet project. Nowadays, solar solution for homes is selling with granted subsidy and clearances. Such products are generating a lot of interest among residential consumers as we speak, and we encourage more people to contribute to this cause.

If all government buildings too start runing on solar power, it will be of huge demonstrative effect on the citizens. Besides that, encouraging the RWAs to light up at least all their common areas, such as parking, parks etc, using solar power is another way. Policies can also be more directed. On the one hand, mandatory provisions can be implemented and monitored well, while on the other, new ways of incentivizing solar panel installers need to be put in place to achieve the 200 MW target. Gurugram will become a solar city in the true sense when homes and residential communities make the solar switch.

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