4 Meaningful Ways You Can Celebrate Earth’s Day In 2019

4 Meaningful Ways You Can Celebrate Earth’s Day In 2019

4 Meaningful Ways You Can Celebrate Earth’s Day In 2019

A lot of us haven’t really thought about ‘celebrating’ earth’s day here in India. Earth’s day is generally limited to brand initiatives on eco-friendly events or digital initiations on Earth’s day awareness. However, we don’t really hear a lot about how an individual can celebrate this day that can actually make a difference in the world. Here are ways you can celebrate earth’s day this April 22nd, 2019.


Growing your food in times when fast food and processed eatables are readily available has become a revolutionary act! The easiest way to clean your system and opt out of the corrupt food standards is to grow it yourself. This Earth Day, plant one thing that you can consume! Buy one or many plant pots with soil, buy some seeds and start growing! You can thank us later.


A growing perception of solar on one hand is that it is too complicated to use. Too expensive even. And on the other hand, if you do some research you will see millions of people switching to solar. Be up to date with the growing technology and try going solar. Try to figure out why people in masses are going solar. One major reason is the financial benefits. If you a) own a house b) want to save money in lakhs c) have an AC in your house then you must think about going solar this summer. ZunRoof is India’s largest ‘residential’ rooftop solar installation company. This Earth’s day pick your phone and call them. That’s all that is required of you. They take care of all minor and major complications and make it a smooth seamless process for you to switch to solar.


Make a resolution this Earth’s day to be ‘Gadget Free’ for any time period that is suitable for you. Leave your gadgets at home and step outside for a walk or take up an outdoor sport or plant a tree or do some gardening. Reconnect with the Earth to realize why we are trying so hard to save it. Its easier said than done we understand but try it and see the change in your life.


Yes, the government of India has tried to have this implemented with the infamous EVEN-ODD rule in Delhi. But really give it a thought and imagine how carpooling can contribute to reducing the pollution around us. It’s a cliché but important saying ‘Be The Change You Want To See’. Let us step up this Earth’s day and try carpooling to work! If you don’t have colleagues who stay around you then try switching to a battery-operated cycle. It can take you 50Kms without much effort!

So here are 4 meaningful ways you can celebrate Earth’s day in 2019. Send us your comments on the above we would love to know what you are doing this Earth’s Day!

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