3 Reasons Why Dr ND Sinha Chose ZunRoof!

4 Reasons Why Dr. ND Sinha Chose ZunRoof!

Dr. ND Sinha, a resident of Delhi and a highly respected doctor, contacted ZunRoof to get solar in his house. Here are 5 reasons why Dr. Sinha decided to go solar with ZunRoof.

#Surprisingly Affordable

Dr. Sinha says he learned about ZunRoof after some online research and expected the prices to install a solar energy system in his home, to be very high. As he spoke to ZunRoof and learned how affordable the system was, he was pleasantly surprised. ZunRoof sets itself apart with the price guarantee it provides to all its clients. If you’re able to find a price quotation lower than ZunRoof with the same quality, ZunRoof will not only match the price but will give you a 1% discount on the lowest quotation. Surprised? Hope on to www.zunroof.com and find out yourself!

# Subsidy? Approved!

Doctors are perhaps the busiest of all working professionals in India. With the lack of doctors around the country, each doctor in India is always in demand. When Dr. Sinha wanted to go solar, he was worried as to how he will go about getting a subsidy for his system and all the complicated procedures around it. When he spoke to ZunRoof about this, they asked him to sit back and relax! ZunRoof helps in an end to end subsidy retrieval for solar from state and central government bodies. That was another agenda off Dr. Sinha’s to-do list! 

#Customized Solar Energy System Configuration? Sorted!

Dr. Sinha worried about the right system design for his new solar system for maximum solar utilization and high ROI. One of the reasons why he chose ZunRoof was because of the assurance he received from ZunRoof’s IIT design team. The team ensures all electrical and civil designs of the solar systems are compliant with Government norms to ensure durability and safety. Solar has never been so painless!

#Solar Monitoring On Your Mobile? Check!

Dr. Sinha wondered how he would check the performance of his solar system when he is outside the house most of the time of the day! ZunRoof had a solution for that too! ZunRoof’s super ZunMen created a solar monitoring app that can be downloaded on Android as well as Apple mobiles. And Dr. Sinha got free access to the ZunRoof App that answered all his questions right on his mobile. From estimation of system size through bill analysis to receiving updates on the installation process to monitoring of system output after installation, it was all there. He didn’t have to run around waiting in long call queues to speak to a customer care representative!

ZunRoof’s App is filled with features that will make going solar a seamless process. All of these features are complimentary for all ZunRoof clients!

Dr. Sinha’s Roof

Throughout the process of installation and post-installation, Dr. Sinha was pleased and impressed with the ZunRoof and the team. He says, “ZunRoof met all my high expectations. I sincerely want to thank ZunRoof for making solar so easy, affordable and quick! Cheers!”

We will Dr. Sinha all the best for his new solar system!

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