Calculate The Size Of Your Solar Installation in 2 Easy Steps

Calculate The Size Of Your Solar Installation in 2 Easy Steps

Calculate The Size Of Your Solar Installation in 2 Easy Steps

Wondering how to calculate the solar power you need if you want to set up solar panels at your home?  This article will aid you in simplifying this seemingly complicated procedure in two easy steps!

Solar power has been gaining the desired momentum in our country with the government focussing its efforts on switching to solar powered electricity.

In 2018, the government released its targets of installing a total of 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, out of which 100GW is purely focussed on solar capacity and out of 100GW, 40GW is targeted on Grid-connected solar rooftop capacities.

So you can imagine how many roofs are getting powered up with solar energy every day!

To achieve these targets the government plans to provide various fiscal and promotional incentives that should make acquiring a residential solar power system for your home a fairly easy and affordable procedure.

Here we have compiled a quick two-step procedure to calculate the size of your solar installation at home in India.

Before investing in a solar power generating equipment do these two simple steps :

STEP 1: Know Your Peak Summer Electricity Bill and Calculate Your Roof Area!

There are two essential aspects that you need to know if you want to power up your roof with solar.

First, understand your peak summer electricity bill, pull out your old electricity bills and watch the trend.

Now calculate the highest electricity bill that you have received in the summer season from approximately April to September. Knowing your peak summer electricity bill will help you calculate the right size of your solar power system.

It is important to correctly calculating the size of the system to maximize the utilization of solar power at all times and help you reduce your electricity bills to a minimum.

Second, know your roof area. Knowing your roof area is important to understand the capacity of your solar power system and help you size your system correctly!

For easy understanding, approximately 70% of your roof area can be used for solar installation. Also, a 1KW solar system would more or less require a 10sq meter rooftop area.

On to the next step!

Step 2: Get A Site Assessment

Once you know your peak summer electricity bill and your roof area, simply book a site assessment. Now, leave it up to the trained and professionals to properly evaluate your solar requirements.

During a site assessment, you must look out for some key aspects that should be offered/provided by the company you get your site assessment from.

ZunRoof Tech is a local organization that can help you in this process with their strong technical knowledge in solar installations.

For an accurate calculation of the size of the solar power system required for your home, ensure that you receive the following :

  1. Shadow profiling: Your rooftop must be checked for the shadow of trees or nearby buildings particularly from the south-facing direction.  An ideal case would be a clear rooftop without any shadow from all nearby objects. If there is a shadow on your rooftop, try to receive a detailed analysis of direction and time of availability of sunlight. This can easily be performed by an expert to estimate the solar energy received by your rooftop
  2. Structure and Layout Design (3D Drawing): Ensure that you receive a detailed layout design of your rooftop. This should be along with a 3D drawing of your roof with solar panels. You should also get solar or non-solar area calculation. These will ensure maximum roof optimization and therefore maximum solar utilization.
  3. Bill Analysis and ROI Calculation: Ensure that you are able to get a detailed bill analysis according to the appliances running for proper system sizing. You should be able to understand your payback period and cash flow details through this step.

After you have received proposed analysis along with the necessary checks and comparisons, buy your solar panel systems priced at desirable rates, from trusted companies.

That’s it! This was all you needed to know to correctly calculate the size of your solar installation!

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