How This 100% Home Grown Indian Solar Brand Is Becoming A Favorite in Delhi

How This 100% Home Grown Indian Solar Brand Is Becoming A Favorite in Delhi

How This 100% Home Grown Indian Solar Brand Is Becoming A Favorite in Delhi

This inside story is being narrated by ZunRoof Tech, a homegrown Indian Solar Rooftop solutions provider brand who helped an ex-military man and his family reduce a monthly electricity bill down by 90% by installing a 3KW grid-tied inverter in his home.

So here are the details.


Brig. Rajeev Sharma lives in Delhi, the capital city of India and has served the nation for most of his life. The area where this home is located has sufficient power supply but the per unit rate of electricity is high.

Mr. Rajeev lives with his family in a 2 floored home that has 2 fridges, 2 TV’s, 1HP motor and lighting load.

Brig. Rajeev decided to reduce his electricity bills and wanted to inquire about the best possible solution for this problem.

He then went online and started doing some preliminary research, as we all instinctively do when in doubt, because Google seems to have the answer to everything!

Rajeev stumbled upon ZunRoof website as he scurried through the internet and was impressed to see ZunRoof’s work as a rooftop solar solutions provider. He then decided to call us and thus began the wonderful journey of Rajeev as a happy ZunRoof Client. 

Solar Panels on the Roof of Mr. Rajeev’s Home! #PowerUpYourRoof

As a part of ZunRoof’s regular procedure, we first went to his home and carried out a detailed site assessment and suggested Brig. Rajeev to install a 3KW Grid Tied-solar system in his home.


A Grid tie inverter would not only reduce his monthly electricity bill by running the home load on solar but would also help him earn money by selling the excess solar power produced by solar panels back to the grid.

Grid-tie solar inverter, also known as the on-grid solar inverter, works in connection with the main grid.

It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to the electricity company by feeding the grid.

A grid-tied inverter can only be installed in areas where mains supply is sufficiently available, which was perfect for Rajeev’s home.

Delhi, the capital state of India, receives approximately 11 hours of daylight every day in this month of February and investing in solar power in this area would bring perfect results and reduce electricity bills to a maximum.

So, ZunRoof then suggested for the following system configuration to be installed in Brig. Rajeev’s home :


a. Product Details :

(i) MNRE Approved Grid Tie Solar Inverter (Single Phase)- 3kWpSolar Panels – 9 panels, 325W each.

(ii) Solar Panels – 9 panels, 325W each.

3KWp Grid-Tie Inverter at Mr Rajeev’s Roof! #

b. Units Generated by ZunRoof Solar Installation

The system is expected to generate approximately 12 units of electricity daily depending on weather conditions and the region where is it installed.

The installation at Brig. Rajeev’s home was a great success. The system is now running on solar and it has helped to resolve his problem of high electricity bill! ?


The concept of selling back solar energy to the electricity board is called ‘Net metering’. Let us understand this with an example.

Let’s take an example, the solar panels will generate approximately 360 units of electricity per month.

For example this home uses 300 units out of 360 units from solar power to run the load and exports the rest of 60 units to the electricity board.

Let us assume, he also imports 80 units from the electricity board to run his load.

So instead of paying for a total of 380 units, Rajeev will just pay for 20 units imported from the electricity board, because out of the 80 units imported the 60 units exported will get reduced. 

This is the net metering concept.

The net metering and subsidy given by the government make solar power a very cost effective and affordable solution for one and all.

A closer look at ‘The Roof’ at Mr. Rajeev’s place!

Brig. Rajeev says ‘I am very satisfied with the service and on-time delivery of ZunRoof. I recommend ZunRoof to all my fellow citizens of Delhi who wish to solarize their homes and power up their roofs to reduce their electricity bills for the next 25 years.’

We wish Brig. Rajeev and his family all the best with solar and hope others take inspiration from such initiatives. 

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