Falling short Of India’s target Solar Rooftop Installations

With less than four years left to meet its target of installing 40,000 megawatt (MW) of rooftop solar power capacity by 2022, India has installed just about 2,538 MW as of March 2018, a full 94% short of the target.

At this rate, missing the target is a foregone conclusion, which also jeopardises India’s overall solar target of 100 gigawatt (GW, equal to 1,000 MW) by 2022.

Rooftop solar has been a key part of the recent renewables revolution around the world, particularly in Germany and the U.S., and its appeal is clear–residential, commercial and industrial buildings can generate their own electricity, which is green and potentially less expensive than the electricity they draw from the grid. What’s more, they can inject the excess power back into the grid and get paid for it.

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