Solar Pv Rooftop system

Install a grid connected Solar PV rooftop system for your home today!

One of the biggest challenges with an “Off Grid” system is that your appliances are connected to the solar PV system. So you have to figure out your appliances wattages, daily usage etc. to calculate the right size of your Solar PV system. This entire calculation can be somewhat complex and confusing.

With a “Grid Connected” system, the calculation is extremely simple. You just have to take your electricity bill and look up the value called: “Sanctioned Load” or “Connected Load”. Depending on your state’s policy, you can install a system equivalent to 100% to 150% of the connected load value that you have on your bill. So, for instance, if your connected load is 10 kW, then in some places you can install a maximum of 10 kW solar PV system whereas in other places you can install upto 15 kW. But, in no case can you exceed 150% of the connected load for a “Grid Connected” system.

To get the optimum output from a Solar PV system, you need to ensure that you have enough shadow-free area that can hold the system. Typically (based on current levels of efficiency of solar panels), you need a shadow-free area of 90-100 sq. ft to install 1 kW of Solar Panels. The panels have to face south and should be inclined at 15-18 degrees (depending on the city).Shadow Analysis can help you calculate the rooftop area that can be utilised and based on that (using 90-100 sq. ft per 1 kWp) you can calculate the maximum size solar PV system that you can install.

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