Why solar panels is not connected with the load directly?

There are certain reasons for not connecting the solar panels with the load directly. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:-

  1. The load requirements can be AC or DC, as a result, there will be continuous fluctuations in the load, and it has the ability to damage the solar cells.

2. Moreover, the solar radiation is not constant throughout the day. In order to extract maximum power from the solar PV panel, MPPT techniques should be employed, the MPPT technique can be integrated into the DC/AC converter. When the converters duty cycle varies, the load resistance is seen by the converter which also varies and at an optimum duty cycle, maximum power point can be reached. Therefore, the DC/AC converter becomes an essential part of the solar PV system.

3. Besides this directly hooking panels to load ensures that the load is subjected to maximum wear and tear cycle by numerous restarts/reboot/unload-reload cycle. This will ultimately reduce the life cycle of the load.

Because of these reasons, solar panels are not directly connected to a load.

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