Government of Delhi Approves Solar Farm to increase farmers income

Mercom India has reported that the Delhi government approves a solar farm program to increase farmers income and also tries to achieve the states solar project as per Delhi Solar Policy 2016.

Some of the salient features of agriculture cum solar farm are as follows:-

  1. Farmers will get 1000 units of free power per acre from the solar power project every year.
  2. In order to install one MW solar project, six acres of land will be needed, and it could produce 1.3 million units of electricity annually
  3. The minimum structure height of placing a solar plant is at 3.5 meters, the structure should also be spaced enough to allow the movement of the tractor and other farming equipment
  4. The maximum surface area that can be used for solar installation is one third so that agriculture activity is not affected
  5. Farmers will not have to invest anything in the capacity building as it will be done under the RESCO model.
  6. Solar power developers will also enter into PPA with Delhi government departments like health department, PWD, Delhi Jal Board etc. which are currently buying power at commercial or higher rates
  7. This program will only be applicable for farms in the green belt area.

Delhi govt has released a solar policy 2016, which is applicable for the four year period for the year 2016-2020. This policy will help in a generating system with a capacity of 1 kW or more.

This initiative will help the farmers in the region and the Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi announcement will also double farmer’s income by 2022.

Moreover, the Indian Govt is preparing to launch the Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan program with an ambition to solarize the agricultural sector using solar-powered water pumps and to provide electricity to rural areas as reported by Mercom India.

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