ZunRoof’s Happy Customer

Mr MP Sharma, a resident of Delhi, most of the time he used to remain upset because his electricity bills were quite high. So he decided to switch to solar rooftop systems with ZunRoof. Mr Sharma says, that it was his best decision in life by going with ZunRoof.

The customer ordered 10 kW of the on-grid system, this system works with the electricity grid. It doesn’t have batteries attached to it. Therefore, this system doesn’t provide power back-up and has no recurring cost. Government-backed subsidies reduce the cost further. This system is ideal for cities where there is little to no power cut. 

The customer was quite satisfied with our services and the product, he highly recommends our services to others. Throughout the process of installation, the customer was co-operative and generous. He says, “it was a great experience as all members were highly professional and worked as per the schedule.

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