What are the objectives of solar power plant?

Solar power plants have got many objectives in a broad context. Some of these objectives are given below:-

1.Energy Savings:- Solar utilizes lower powered items such as LED / CFL lamps, lower powered electronics, etc. that do not use as much power as standard electric systems. Also, LEDs are powered from 12 VDC initially and require AC adapters to power with standard electric. By using DC power for LEDs, they are able to operate more efficiently by providing more light and less heat. In this way, electricity can be saved.

2. Eco-Friendly:- To promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy security challenges. To create an enabling environment for the penetration of solar technology throughout the country Mission’s target.

3. Easy Installation:- Solar panels are easy to install, typically only needing a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wiring. Solar lighting systems provide the solar power system at the top of the pole for most installation configurations, leaving all important electrical material at the top of the pole. Solar power systems can require a bit more for a simple installation; however, the low voltage DC power is much safer to work with than standard electric.

4. Battery Backup:- Most solar systems today utilize a battery backup that allows for three-plus days of storage of the power needed to keep the system running. That way, if the sun goes out, you will still have power for a couple days.

5. Available Anywhere:- Solar can be installed anywhere, even when what it is powering is in the shade. No matter what the circumstance, if there is a sunny spot nearby the solar can be installed to power something remotely installed. There is even technology today turning roofing or windows into photovoltaic sources.

6. Green energy:- Green energy is totally the new rage, but it is also a way to look out for the future of our planet and reduce the impact of fossil fuels

These are the objectives of a solar plant on a small scale, considering the residential as well as the commercial scale. In the case of National Solar project, the objective is a way broader concept, it is listed below:-

1. To establish India as a global leader in solar energy.

2. Short term: To create enabling the environment for penetration of solar technology throughout the country Mission’s target was revised in 2015.

Initial Target: 20GW
Revised Target: 100GW
Target is to be achieved in 3 phases,
· 1st Phase: 2010-13
· 2nd Phase: 2013–17
· 3rd Phase: 2017–22

We are at present in phase 2 of our solar plant mission.

3. To operate and maintain the existing PV system and keep the same in good repair.

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