How MPPT works ?

You, must be wondering what is MPPT? Let us understand the basic definition of MPPT. MPPT is known as Maximum Power Point Tracking, a technology which is used in solar photovoltaic inverters which are used to optimise power output in less than ideal sunlight conditions. Most of the modern day inverters are equipped with at least one MPPT.

MPPT tracker is analogous to thumb placed over a garden hose. If you put your thumb over the opening of the hose, the pressure goes up and the stream flies faster but less water is getting through. If you try to cover the opening, no water gets through. The mechanism behind the MPPT tracker is that the resistance varies in the circuit to modify current and the voltage. Hundreds of pumps go upstream of the hose and deliver water. Some of these pumps go offline in certain parts of the day. The force behind the delivery of water will be constantly varying.

The  MPPT tracker varies the resistance in order to keep hitting at a point, using control logic to stay at maximum just like a thermostat or cruise control.

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