Solar Air conditioning system in India!

Solar air conditioning system generally refers to the air conditioning system that uses solar power. A hot day can be very stressful altogether so all the buildings are being fitted with the air conditioning systems. During the summer seasons, the demand for air conditioning in offices, hotels, laboratories or public buildings such as museums is considerable. Under such circumstances, solar and solar-assisted air conditioning systems can be reasonable alternatives to conventional air conditioning systems.

Solar air conditioning systems can be advantageous over the problematic coolants(CFC’s), the harmful Carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing day by day. Buildings should be cooled with the help of solar energy, then water-assisted air conditioning systems or ventilation systems can be powered with heat that is made available by solar collectors. The sun can provide a substantial part of the energy which is needed for the air conditioning. The combination of water assisted systems and ventilation systems is also possible.

The basic principle behind the thermally driven cooling is the thermo-chemical process of adsorption or absorption: a liquid or gaseous substance is either attached to a solid, porous material (adsorption) or is taken in by a liquid or solid material (absorption). The sorbent is a substance with a large inner surface area which is provided with heat from a solar heater and is de-humidified. After this ‘drying’, or desorption, the process can be repeated in the opposite direction.  While providing the water vapour or steam, it is stored in the porous storage medium (adsorption) and simultaneously, heat is released. Processes are differentiated between closed refrigerant circulation systems (for producing cold water) and open systems according to the way in which the process is carried out. That is, whether or not the refrigerant comes into contact with the atmosphere. The latter is used for dehumidification and evaporative cooling. Both processes can be further be classified according to the liquid or sorbents. The refrigerating capacity the relationship between the drive heat and realised cold energy is the essential performance figure of the system.

A number of systems that use thermal solar energy to air condition the buildings which are technically and economically assessed that is installed all over the world but still a number of obstacles to overcome when it comes to the implementation of solar assisted air conditioning.

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