Bifacial becomes the new face of Solar Photovoltaic Cells!

Solar Technology has improved to a new extent, the cost price of the solar panels have reduced in the present day and the efficiency of the solar module has increased. There have been a lot of improvements in the field of solar, which includes coupling solar with storage, solar modules are being innovated and lots more. A new innovation is paving the way for the next generation that will revolutionize solar efficiency for many applications.

One such innovation in order to improve the efficiency of the solar modules is the bifacial solar modules which have the capability to generate electricity by capturing light from both the sides of the module, this technology will dramatically shake up the solar market. Bifacial modules will produce more energy and lower the degradation rate than standard modules.

These bifacial modules can generate power from the front and back of the module, there is the less requirement of labour and the balance of the system costs to produce the same amount of energy. These modules produce more energy from the same project but the cost of installation is really very less. In addition to this bifacial offer substantial savings for the solar project financers.

Bifacial modules are made up of monocrystalline silicon cells, which in case produces better output than the traditional polycrystalline cells. In terms of structure, it is more durable as it is made up of glass structure and it reduces the project cost. Bifacial can produce around 30% more electricity than an equivalent monofacial solar modules. It also provides an extended warranty of 30 years at just 0.5% of degradation rate.

The versatility of the product will give a diverse portfolio to the customers and it will benefit the entire solar industry. These modules can be used in different projects like rooftop solar systems, floating solar projects and utility projects.

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