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Things you should know before installing solar panels!

There are many things you need to consider before installing solar panels. These things form the key elements which you need to be concerned at the first go.

  1. Energy consumption/ Demands:- The energy demand of every household is different as it is dependent on the appliances which you use and what electricity bills you pay as per the load consumption. First of all, we should have a track of your monthly bills and the load consumption.
  2. Knowledge about the roofs:- You should every single detail about your roofs, starting from which material the roof is made up, whether your roof requires a repair, you have the roof rights or not and the direction of the roof. These are key points you should know about your roof if you are a thing of going rooftop system. For example – Your solar system last up to 25 years and even more than that, so it is considered asphalt roofs are best as it lasts up to 20 years or more than that, and it has got the ability to support the system. The roof is the main component for the installation because it can be quite challenging to reinstall the solar panels if your rooftop gets damaged after the installation.
  3. Panel options:- Roof-mounted panels is considered the most popular choice, you can go for ground-mounted array if you wish to.
  4. These systems can be installed anywhere on a piece of property. However, ground-mounted panels are often more expensive, as they require more labour and materials.
  5. Type of systems:- Different type of systems has got different requirements in terms of batteries, inverters etc. There are three types of solar power systems and the cost price is also different. Different types include on-grid systems, off-grid systems and hybrid systems. The factor of the budget also comes into play depending on the type. There are almost two kinds of solar systems such as Photovoltaic systems and thermal power systems. Photovoltaic systems use arrays of cells to convert sunlight into electricity and thermal solar power systems use sunlight to heat water or air for the use inside.
  6. Financing Option:- You can finance your solar as there are many banks which can finance your loan with the best rate of interest. Moreover, in India, the govt provides with a subsidy so that it helps to install the system.
  7. Choose right contractor:- It is important to select a trustworthy contractor who can provide the smooth installation of your solar. There needs to a signup agreement with the contractor. Some of the things regarding the agreement include:-
  • Financing expectations
  • Ownership expectations
  • Performance expectations

I hope you will keep in mind these key pointers before going for a solar installation.

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