ZunRoof: The best solar panel selling company in India!

India is an energy deficient country, it’s high time we should work on clean energy which doesn’t get depleted easily. One of the important sources of renewable energy is the energy from the sun, where the technologies can be combined to produce a valuable product.

A vision which is dreamt by a team of IIT alumni, to bring out the best product in the market and to solve the problems of thousands of people. Their mission is to convert all urban rooftops in our diverse country, India with the solar technology or solar power systems known as ZunRoof. It started a couple of years ago, but till now has made 400+ successful installations and now it has about 50,000 happy customers.

One of the best things about the solar power systems is that our countrymen can make hassle-free money from the natural resource. The major reason for shifting to solar technology is that it is considered a clean and environmentally friendly energy, you may not want your children to live in an environment full which is harmful to them.

A lot of efforts has been put up by the ZunRoof team to produce a product only for you. Now it’s your turn to make a right choice.

You can also check our customer reviews for more details.

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