5 unique uses of solar in India to Save Electricity!

As we know, that solar is being used at home to save electricity and energy. Nowadays, the use of solar is found everywhere, its use has spread across many sectors and technologies. Many electronics appliances are coming in the market with the solar technology so as to preserve the environment and energy.  Some of the unique uses of solar are given below:-

  1. Solar powered water heater:- Heating up the water becomes a major problem when there is a shortage of gas supply. So, a new product has come up which has got the ability to save the electricity bills and save the energy.  The solar-powered heater is an important device during the chilly winter season.
  2. Heat storage tubes:- The sleek heat storage tubes can be used in homes as they can serve both the function, one is for home decor and another is to heat up the room. These are mostly placed in those places where the location gets plenty of sunlight and mostly these storage tubes are made up of fibreglass. Then these tubes are filled with water which can warm up and heat up the room.
  3. Solar Vehicles:- Transportation is an important source if you need to move from one place to another. Now the solar panels can be placed on the roofs of the vehicles or the sides so as to generate the energy in order to run. The best thing is that you can reduce the use of fossils fuels and switch to clean energy.
  4. Heated Pools:- Solar panels can even heat your pools and hot tubs in a similar way as it heats up the cylinder tubes and water heaters. Now you can enjoy the heated pool during winters or on cloudy days and it wouldn’t cost you anything.
  5. Solar paint:- You can paint your home with solar paint which can keep your home warm. This invention is not far away and now it will be the easier for the people to switch to a renewable source of energy.

These incredible uses of solar energy can reduce the pollution level and it has a greater impact on the environment.

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