Solar Music promotes Clean Energy!

You might be wondering what does a solar music is and how a solar music is possible? Well, well here we are talking about the device which will save energy, i.e Radio. We all know what an ideal radio system carries the information like waves or sound from the transmitter to the reciever. A radio receives an input from an antenna and converts it into a form which is usable to the customers such as sound, pictures, digital data etc.

There is little difference between normal radio and the solar-powered portable radio, its that it is powered by solar photovoltaic cells. Solar powered portable radio is generally used in remote areas, like country-side where the access to the power supply is limited.

The first solar-powered radio came up in the year 1950 and it is capable of working without light and recharging. It contained seven solar cells, four transistors and a small battery. These solar panels have the ability to eliminate the need to replace the batteries which makes the operating cost less. These are used where there is no electrical grid and no generators. People in the rural areas don’t have the access to news, at that time it can be beneficial. It can be used in animal husbandry, farming, food security and can get informative news regarding HIV, cancer etc which is very essential for the community.

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