What happens when you use magnifying glass on rooftop solar panels in India?

Many people are trying to figure out many new techniques in order to increase the output of a solar system, where the conversion of the sunlight into energy. Many creative ideas came up in the minds of the people where they can take out the maximum potential from the ordinary solar panels.

So, people came up with the use of magnifying glasses where the sun’s light get reflected and it gets focused on a single point, this will be beneficial for the solar panels as it will be able to disperse the heat and cool the system. Dispersal of heat cannot be managed nor it can be controlled, then it can damage the solar panel.

A few years ago the almost same idea was proposed by the IBM in order to improve the output of the solar cell. IBM tried to incorporate the thermal cooling system on the solar panels. This cooling system is made up of liquid known as indium and gallium which is placed in between the PV cell and cooling block. When the sun’s light reflects on the solar panels, the heat will be transferred to the cooling block which will lower the temperature more than 1600 degrees to an 800-degree Celsius, which in turn will prevent the meltdown of solar panels. The cooling system will, therefore, be beneficial for the solar panels.

IBM is not linked with the manufacturing of solar panels but they are partnering with solar manufacturing to help them with the new technologies.

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