New Solar Technologies Shaping the Future of Solar Industry

The environment all across the globe is degrading either due to the global warming or the depletion of non-renewable forms of energy. Energy is being depleted continuously and every single second, because of many possible reasons. Time has come where we need to harness the renewable sources of energy like solar, water, wind, water and we need to cut down on the use of fossil fuels, as a result, we will be able to save the nature. Some of the new innovations have come up in the field of solar, so we depend more on renewable sources of energy, have been listed below:-

  1. Solar Windows:-  Solar windows are made up of solar panels which can harness the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The panels are fitted on all types of windows so as to reduce the use of fossils fuels. Moreover, NREL has introduced to switchable solar windows where the glasses change from colourless to coloured in the presence of sunlight. This is a very long process but it is going to make a difference in the field of solar industry.
  2. Transportation:- It is a basic necessity to travel from one place to another, and this can be the best way to reduce the carbon emission from the moving vehicles. Now, solar power is making a history in the field of airlines. The first solar-powered aeroplane carried around 17 thousand photovoltaic cells that charge the solar batteries. Many countries are trying to harness the solar power so that they can use it in various solar airlines project.
  3. Solar Fashion:-  Innovations are required in every field, and so in the field of fashion. A fashion designer is known as Pauline van Dongen has created a entire collection on solar shirts and fashion wear which can produce around 1 watt of electricity via which you can charge your phones and electronic gadgets.
  4. Solar power trees:- Now, solar power harvesting trees have come up which can harness the sun’s energy and store the power it in power devices like mobiles, LED street lights, electric vehicles, laptops etc. This technology can be used in deserts, office car parks, golf courses, business parks, and malls which will also add a aesthetic value.
  5. Desalination:- It is a process to extract salt and minerals from the saline water which can be used for future generations.  It was found that around 300 million people get their freshwater supply from nearly 19 thousand desalination plants around the globe. Imagine how much it can help the entire future generation. Solar energy is touching every aspect of human life, so solar power machines have come to solve the water crisis issues.
  6. Photobiological Cells:- These cells can be used in biomass and food production so, in turn, it can improve the efficiency of the process by plants, algae and bacteria to capture the energy from sunlight. Biological photovoltaics (BPV)uses photosynthetic materials in algae to capture solar energy converting to electricity.

Several innovations are coming up in near future which in turn will help people and organizations to harness the abundant and unlimited power of the sunlight.

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