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How solar energy is better than fossils fuels in India?

Before deciding which form of energy is better one, we should know about solar energy and fossils fuels in brief. There is a lot of environmental crisis happening all across the globe due to various reasons like pollution and global warming. We live in an environment where every time we are witnessing the end of the world.

Fossil fuels:- It is a predominant source of energy across the globe which includes petroleum, diesel, kerosene, coal and natural gas. It is a fuel which is formed by the anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms which contains energy from ancient photosynthesis. Fossil fuels are continuously formed by the natural process and it is considered a non-renewable resource as it takes many years for its formations. However, they have emitted a massive amount of Carbon and greenhouses gases which in turn was responsible for making a hole in the ozone layer.

Solar energy:- It is a energy where the heat from the sun is harnessed using various solar technologies like Photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, molten salt power plants and artificial photosynthesis. Solar energy has got the ability to convert sun’s energy into electricity. Solar power plants can power our planets millions of years without destroying or emitting harmful gases. Moreover, solar energy is a free source of energy and abundant source.

Why is solar energy taking over fossil fuels? Some of the reasons for going solar are mentioned below.

  1.  Easily Accessible:- Solar energy is easily available if you have the solar devices to harness the natural sun’s energy as compared to fossil fuels.
  2. Environmental friendly:- Lot of harmful gases are emitted by the fossil fuels, as a result, they are degrading and destroying the environment. Solar energy is a sustainable form of energy and it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.
  3. Low maintenance:-  Solar energy requires minimal maintenance as compared to fossil fuels, once in a month you can wipe out the solar panels with a cloth, that is the only maintenance. But this is not the case of fossil fuels, as there can be the chances of leakages in pipes and on ships carrying the oil, there have been many evidences where massive oil spills across the globe, killing marine life and harming the environment due to its toxicity.
  4. Greenhouse gases:- Fossil fuels are easily combustible and it produces a lot of harmful gases. some of the gases include carbon dioxide and some of the greenhouse gases which is produced in a large number. But this doesn’t happen in case of solar energy, as it is considered the cleanest form of energy which is environmentally friendly.
  5. Self-Sufficiency:- Solar energy allows a person to be independent as it has the ability to generate electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy while the fossil fuels make the person dependent on the govt and corporate.
  6. Increase in Jobs:- More and more jobs have been created for in case of solar energy, some of statistics show that around 51,000 of jobs were created for the solar energy but many of the jobs have been cut down in case of fossil fuels.  In 2012, solar added 14,000 new jobs, up 36 per cent from 2010 and the industry will add another 20,000 jobs this year. The fossil fuels industry cut 4,000 jobs last year. So when it comes to employing solar is the winner.

The day has come where we need to make decisions and go for the renewable source of energy. Its high time to shift to clean solar energy and cut down on the use of fossils fuels. Go green, go solar!

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