Not installed Solar Panel in India ? Get ready for notice !

Residents of the Chandigarh city, owning big houses on 1 kanal area and above may get building by law notices for not installing solar panels. With the last date to install solar panels on rooftops of such houses being on May 18, 2018, only about 900 people have come forward and applied to the Chandigarh administration for the same till now.

According to records, there are around 20,000 private houses throughout various sectors of the city, which are having the area of 1 kanal and above. These include both new as well as old structures.

Significantly, the Chandigarh administration on May 18, 2016, had made it mandatory for such houses to install solar panels on rooftops by adding this segment in the building bylaws. An order in this regard was also issued by the administration. Since in new houses, this condition to install the panel is already existing, the old houses were given two-year time. This is going to over in next 12 days.

Currently, the Central government has been providing 30% subsidy to the residents for installing the solar panels.

Since the issue of violation of any clause of the building bylaws is falling in the domain of the estate office of the Chandigarh administration, it will be responsibility of the estate office to check the above-said clause and take action as per the laid down rules and regulations to implement the clauses of the buildings bylaws on the residential buildings of the city.

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