Is SolarRooftop Solar Power Right For You?

Solar power has never been hotter. Solar energy is the most rapidly growing sector of the Indian energy markets — a fact boosted by technology that has in recent years dropped in cost and risen in efficiency — even politicians are talking ways to spread its benefits to the masses. But is solar energy right for you? Get the facts about solar energy and uncover the advantages of solar.

Pros of Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is sustainable and renewable. As long as the sun is shining, every homeowner has access to the energy benefits of solar power. Historically humans have used the sun as their primary energy source, and today’s solar panels are bringing us back to this reality. Solar energy’s renewability is in stark contrast to fossil fuels (by some estimates, the world has about 53 years worth of oil left at its current production rates).
  2. Solar energy is clean energy.  Another advantage of solar energy is that it has very few long-term environmental consequences, as opposed to those presented by traditional fossil fuels. It emits no pollution during collection or use (small amounts may be emitted during production and delivery of solar panels and technology). Solar power is one of the cleanest of available energies.
  3. Solar energy is affordable. Once you’ve paid for your solar panels, all energy that comes from your panels can go directly into powering your home without costing you a dime. You can use Zunroof Solar Calculator tool to get an estimate of your potential savings if you go solar (you’ll sell excess energy back to the grid). Additionally, there are often subsidies that consumers can take advantage of when installing solar panels such as rebates and incentives.
  4. Solar energy is low maintenance. Once your solar panels are installed, there’s very little work that needs to be done to maintain them. Beyond needing to be occasionally cleaned of excessive dust (or snow), solar panels require very little attention —  yet another advantage of solar energy.
  5. Solar energy is silent. There’s zero noise associated with working solar panels and that makes them an attractive choice for people who like things to work efficiently and quietly.
  6. Solar energy can go places the grid can’t. In the most extreme cases, this means space, but solar panels are also a boon in remote areas not served by traditional electricity services.
  7. Solar energy encourages energy independence. With solar panels on your home, you are not bound by international energy markets or price fluctuations. Using renewable energy gathered on your home turf puts the power directly into your hands.

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