ZunRoof — 2 Years of going public

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Our definition of going public is the day our Website and Facebook page went live. It feels like we are just starting up now though.

On this occasion, here are the 10 milestones we are proud of and wanted to share –

  1. 46,713 Solar Rooftop Clients Assessed by us
  2. Our solar rooftop design apps are unique, accurate and extremely high-tech — call us for a site assessment and you will see real use cases of what many of us think are just buzzwords — VR, IOT, Image Processing, Data Analytics, Structure Design
  3. We perform solar site assessments for a fee and surprise, surprise — thousands of clients have paid us already (Indians do not pay for service is a loosely thrown (and incorrect) statement, heard often in the startup ecosystem)
  4. 315 Solar Rooftop Projects installed across 16 cities in 5 states across North India
  5. Highest number of solar rooftop installations in each city of Delhi NCR region
  6. Certain to have the highest # of solar rooftop installations across India in the next 100 days
  7. 50 Full-time Employees, based out of Gurgaon
  8. Our employee attrition rate is exceptionally low — almost all of our early hires are still with us and raring to go to war with me. Even more importantly, we have absolutely 0 difference in salaries of men and women employees at the same level and with same performance rating across the firm
  9. We have 19 angel investors who have backed us through our journey and continue to do so — extremely happy to have each of them be a part of this
  10. Annual Sales Run-Rate projected to hit INR 100 Crore by April 2019, with a positive unit economics — (any VCs reading this, yeah, this exists)

Can’t end the post without another plug for furthering our business — if you want to partner with us as a client, investor, vendor or an employee, please write to us at gosolar@zunroof.com or call us at +91–9205–695–690

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