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ZunRoof Growing Influence in Indian Solar Rooftop Market

ZunRoof खतम करती है बिजली का खर्चा
हो रही है इसकी जम कर चर्चा ????

लगाइये सोलर ZunRoof वाला!

We have recently observed that the phenomenon of saving money by harnessing the power of sun and converting it into electricity has been growing in Delhi-NCR ever since net metering policy started. Residents are adopting solar with open arms as we have seen that they can get their investment back in 3-4 years and life of a solar rooftop system, typically, is around 25-30 years, minimum. Needless to say, this form of capital investment offers return which is far ahead of any traditional investment means, such as, mutual funds, stock market etc.

How solar saves money ?

A solar rooftop system of size 1 kW produces on an average 1500 units of electricity per year. Multiply this with your unit rates, and you will have your annual saving from your rooftop system. A commercial rooftop system offers greater saving as unit rate of electricity is higher than compared with residential unit rates. This trend we have also seen in our sales performance, that customers seeking commercial solar rooftop systems are on the rise.

Solar is just the start!

ZunRoof is different from its competitors in regard that, here in ZunRoof we are not just offering solutions to save electricity bills, hence, save money; we are constantly adding more features that can help customer in various regards. Our technology team recently build a hope monitoring system, that predicts which appliances will fail and when by running complex algorithms on data produced by different appliances and monitoring its energy consumption. More about that later as we want to keep things secret for now, and improve our product further, however, we cannot stay from lime light. We recently got covered by famous new age media for startups and entrepreneurs, entrackr , where our Founder & CEO Pranesh Chaudhary, gave his views on the growing solar market and potential it holds for the future. You can read it here.









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