Rent a rooftop Solar Power System in India

The union government is working hard to encourage the adoption of renewable sources of energy to generate electricity. Up until recently, the incentives being provided were in the form of subsidies and tax cuts. We provided a detailed description of these measures in a recent blog post on financing options for solar projects.

However, in order to achieve its ambitious objective of generating 100GW of power from solar, of which 40GW would be rooftop solar, the union government is undertaking more innovative policies. One of which is the recently announced “work in progress” policy called “rent a roof”.

Rent A Roof Policy

Under this policy, developers can take rooftops on rent and offer leases to each household. The energy produced from mounting solar panels on these rented rooftops would be fed into the grid. One major benefit of this policy would be that fewer individuals would have to independently make the decision of converting to solar for the same amount of energy. This will hopefully speed up the process.

For more information on the policy, refer to this article by livemint.


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