How Does a Solar Rooftop System Work?

How does it work? Roof top Solar Energy saves Energy

With ZunRoof you can Make Money from the Sun and live a life without electricity bills. So how does this system work? It all starts when sunlight falls on solar panels. These solar panels convert sunlight into Direct Current using the photoelectric effect. An inverter alters the Direct Current into Alternating Current or AC electricity. It is this form of current that enables us to run our AC, Fridge, TV set or any other appliance.

Types of Solar Rooftop Systems

You can welcome solar energy into your home via three different types of systems.

  1. A grid tied system obtains its reference voltage from the grid. You do not need a battery set or a diesel generator for back up. So you can save on extra capital costs and maintenance expenditures. If you are away from home and not using electricity, the energy you produce is sold back to the grid. The meter, known as a net meter, charges you only if you consume more than you produce during the entire month
  2. If you face frequent power cuts, a hybrid system would be the way to go. Batteries can be attached along with a hybrid inverter
    to provide backup
  3. Finally, people in remote areas can go for an off-grid system that has batteries. They can meet their electricity needs without any grid connection and can thus become energy independent.

Invest in a solar rooftop system today, it beats other investments and you save on skyrocketing electricity bills for the next 25 years. Power your life with clean affordable solar and protect the environment.

Expert Solar Installations by ZunRoof

With an expert team of IITians, ZunRoof ensures quality installations for your house office or factory – with utmost care and detailed precision. Whether you have a roof garden, or utilize your roof as storage space we can create a custom design tailored to your needs. Our accurate assessments ensure proper panel elevation and orientation to reduce losses from incorrect installations. We also perform regular quality checks to bring you the best possible solution.

How Can You Go Solar?

Jump on board and sail smoothly through the next 25 years! Get a customized solar rooftop, free maintenance, accurate solar site assessments and energy audits all under one roof, ZunRoof. Visit or simply fill out the form below, or, call our team at +91-920-569-5690 and we’ll do the rest:


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