Grid Tied Solar Power Systems in India : Upgrads

India’s recent solar goals have been very ambitious. It is expected that 40,000 MW of solar power energy will come from 2 crore solar rooftop systems by year 2022. As our country runs forward to achieve these goals, there is an immediate need to overhaul and improve our electric grid. Our country’s electricity grids have not seen much improvements in a while. However, PGCIL (Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd) realizes the need for a properly maintained and upgraded power grid for the upcoming solar loads.

How Power Grid Corp. of India will handle the issue:

PGCIL has become highly alert after the 2012 blackout when the complete northern grid of the country went down. PGCIL is preparing the national grid for a smooth transition to a low carbon economy. Corporation is working to improve the capacity and efficiency of inter-state transmission networks. It is setting up transmission corridors to supply power from solar parks to the national grid. It will be establishing 11 renewable energy management centers in states like Tamil Nadu, Karanataka and Andhra Pradesh. Every management center is going to cost around Rs 40 crore to complete. These centers will help forecast any backdrop of the national grid. The management centers will use methods like weather forecasting service providers and a sophisticated algorithm to help maintain grid stability.

Meanwhile, work on the national grid level is on. The green transmission corridors are going to be set up in two phases. The complete renewal of the national grid will cost Government around Rs 47,000 crore. Although a very large amount, it is a necessary expenditure for the much needed up-gradation. This will surely help India in achieving its solar goals.

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