How To Save Electricity with Rooftop Solar Power Systems in India

The demand for electricity is increasing at a much faster rate as compared to supply. And as per basic economics, this translates to ever increasing electricity tariff. Ask any average Indian, and rising monthly electricity bills would be a top of mind concern. So, here are some basics which if followed would show a drastic reduction in the amount you shell out every month to your electricity provider and will help you save electricity.


First of all, you would need to replace all your incandescent bulbs and CFLs with LEDs. When LEDs were first introduced, they did cost a fortune. But today, due to the efforts of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE), and a huge increase in the number of manufacturers, LEDs are available at a dirt cheap price. So, if you have not yet replaced your old bulbs and lights with LEDs, do it immediately.


In a tropical country like India, ceiling fans are a necessity. And on an average, every household electricity consumption translates to fans accounting for around 15-20% of our monthly power consumption. With BEE’s star labeling program, people have started moving towards 5 star rated fans. But, these fans also consume more than 50 W.  A Brush-less DC (BLDC) ceiling fan like Gorilla, which is India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan, consumes just 28W at full speed. And if you are using at lower speeds, the power consumption will reduce further. Given the fact that these fans come with 3 years of replacement warranty and the expected life of the fans being more than 20 years, this is one investment that would reap great dividends for you in the future.


First things first, if you still own one of those old CRTs this is high time you replace it. They consume loads of electricity and accounts to a whopping amount in your electricity bill. Buy an LED television, one with a high energy star rating. Secondly, make a habit of switching off the appliance by the power switch. You might think that this doesn’t save a lot of energy, but it does.


What and how you store food in your refrigerator can affect the amount of energy that is consumed. Keeping your refrigerator full helps increase energy efficiency because there is less air to cool when space is taken up. Be careful not to overfill, though. Overfilling your refrigerator can hinder air circulation in the appliance. Also, keep liquids covered and make sure to wrap foods when they are stored in the refrigerator. Lastly, place the refrigerator at a cool spot. So that it won’t consume a lot of energy to keep itself cool.


Geysers are very heavy appliances. No matter how much you try and save, they still cost a lot to use. There are still some handy tricks you can use to save electricity on geysers. Don’t turn it on hours before you are to take a bath. And do turn off immediately after use. Switch to solar water heaters if possible. Use cold water for household works like washing cloths and dishes.

Air Conditioners:

The last and the most important thing is the AC. By using the AC smartly, we can reduce the power consumption significantly. And by smart usage of AC, we mean that using the AC along with a power saving fan. This would result in the same comfort level despite the AC being operated at a much higher temperature. And for every degree higher, the power consumption would come down by 3-5%. Give up the habit of sleeping with the AC on at 18 degrees and with a blanket on. Keep it at 22-23 degrees for 3-4 hours and then turn the fan on afterwards. This little trick will help you save electricity and hence a lot of money.


You can go solar and further save electricity at home:

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