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Capacity target for Solar Power Systems in India

The government cleared ₹8,100 crores in financial support to setup 40,000 MW of solar parks by fiscal 2020. This is double the existing capacity target of 20,000 MW to be achieved in the same time period. The financial support will help fund 30% of initial project cost of developers.

Solar parks in India: key points to note

  1. Firstly, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a scheme for developing solar parks. 34 parks of capacity 20,000 MW are approved and being developed
  2. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Wednesday approved the capacity enhancement to 40,000 MW
  3. Developers will setup 50 solar parks by fiscal 2020, each with a capacity of 500MW or more
  4. The solar parks will produce 64 billion units of electricity annually once operational
  5. As a result, the parks will prevent 55 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year over the life of the solar parks
  6. Finally, India has a target of 100GW of installed solar capacity by 2022. The country achieved 9GW installed capacity in 2016

Well, you can build a “solar park” 🙂 on your rooftop. This can help reduce your electricity bill for the next 25 years. It also reduces dependence on polluting sources, such as coal, keeping our environment clean.

To make this great investment for your and our country’s future:

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