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Even Demonetization needs Rooftop Solar Power System in India!!!

Among other objectives, demonetization aims to promote a cashless economy. Cashless, such that people use credit/debit cards, internet banking and mobile apps for day-to-day spending. Like every “change”, it has pain-points, that the government is trying to solve. But, did you know one essential ingredient needed for a cashless society that still affects rural and some urban areas. That’s electricity availability. Without it, other enablers such as internet, mobile devices and computers are simply ineffective.

Solar ensures Electricity availability, a key ingredient for a cashless economy

  1. Firstly, Indian government plans to electrify all rural households by 2019
  2. However, 34% villages remain to be electrified, out of the 18,452 un-electrified villages as on April-2015
  3. Another challenge is to maintain a continuous and reliable electricity supply post electrification of villages

Diesel generators contribute to increased pollution levels plaguing many Indian cities already. Hence, these are not a suitable alternative. In this situation, Solar Power can help provide the much needed reliable electricity supply to rural and remote areas. This will help the farthest corners of India to go cashless.

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