India crosses 9 GW installed Solar Capacity

On Solar Cloud Nine – Rooftop Solar power in India crosses 9 GW in Solar Capacity!

Click here to read the complete post on ZunTalks. India to the rest of the world: “Do you see me on Cloud Nine?”. Well, yes, on Solar Cloud Nine 🙂 . Adding 4 GW in 2016 (And the Solar Bronze Medal goes to… India!), India crossed the 9 GW mark of installed Solar capacity, achieving 9,012 MW as on December 31, 2016.

“As on December 31, 2016, Gujarat (1.16 GW), Rajasthan (1.32 GW), and Tamil Nadu (1.6 GW) have crossed 1 GW solar installations…, while Andhra Pradesh (0.98 GW), Telangana (0.97 GW) and Madhya Pradesh (0.84 GW) are close to these states,” Power Minister Piyush Goyal said in written statement.

With a strong commitment to meeting its Solar Power goals (“Nothing on Earth is going to stop us from doing that”, says India on Renewable Energy Goals), we will definitely see India rise to even greater heights on its way to achieve the 100 GW Solar Power target for 2022. Rise up and Go Solar today! Simply fill out the form below or click here or call +91-920-569-5690 and we’ll do the rest:

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