Mr. Singh had an inverter battery system. Rooftop Solar Power fell on it and what happened next will blow your mind!

That’s right, troubled by frequent power cuts, he was not able to charge his home inverter-battery system to provide the much needed backup during power cuts. But then he decided to Go Solar with ZunRoof

Mr. Singh: I am in urgent need of power backup, but my existing inverter battery system is never charged due to the power cuts. Can I convert my existing inverter to a Solar inverter

ZunTeam: Yes you can, all you need is ZunRoof

Mr. Singh: Would I need a new Solar inverter and battery. That would be very costly, no?

ZunTeam: No, we can convert your existing inverter battery system to a solar inverter. You just need two more components (1) Solar Panel Modules and (2) A charge controller

Mr. Singh: So how does it connect with my existing inverter-battery system? Can you show me?

ZunTeam: Certainly yes! You already have most of the components connected and working at home. We will add two crucial components, Solar panel modules and a charge controller, as follows:



Mr. Singh: Wow, I already have all those components. Thanks guys for making it so clear. So how does it work?

ZunTeam: As the sun rises in the morning, the panels start generating DC current at 12V. The controller maximizes the power output for any given amount of sunlight and charges the battery. Here is what happens in different scenarios:

  1. Power cut during the day: Solar Panel Modules supply electricity to your house through the charge controller and inverter. So the battery remains charged
  2. Power cut at night: the battery provides electricity to the house
  3. At all other times: the battery is charged using the solar panels in day time and the grid electricity during night if needed

Mr. Singh: Wonderful, this is just what I needed. Not only it converts my existing inverter to a Solar inverter but it also reduces my electricity bill by charging the inverter every day using Solar Energy.

I’ll also recommend ZunRoof to my friend. How should I ask her to get in touch?

ZunTeam: She can give us a call at +91-920-569-5690 or visit us at or or simply fill out the form below:

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