Solar Solar Solar Power Systems in India all the way! – Budget 2017

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So the union budget is out and, as expected, “Solar” has managed to sneak in. In fact the government has reinforced its promise to focus on renewable energies, and there is a clear indication that Solar is at the top in the list of priorities. For the Budget’17, let us summarize some of the key announcements that are linked to solar industry:

  • 7,000 Railway Stations will be solarized in the near future
  • 20GW of capacity would be added in the form of large solar parks
  • Solar Panels shall get slightly cheaper because of reduced custom duty on components such as Solar tempered glass. Though the impact is not significant as most of the local manufacturers source this component locally
  • The budget for Ministry of New and Renewable energy has been increased by 8.6%. It now stands at a whopping INR 5,473 crores

At a policy level, government is committed to promote solar. Moreover, solar subsidy and discounts have more or less peaked now. There is a chance that going forward the upfront subsidy will cease to exist. So to all the careful solar aficionados – stop playing the waiting game! Now is the best time to go solar and unlock this vast reservoir of free energy. Let us make an effort to give back to the environment, in whatever little way we can 🙂

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