Why Rooftop Solar Power Systems in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida?

1. Why Solar?
A. Your monthly electricity bill is greater than INR 1500 and you want to reduce it
B. You want to invest in a risk-free technology to get assured returns greater than 15% over the next 25 years
C. You want to save our planet for the next generation
D. All of the above
Right answer – D
2. What do I need to go Solar in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida?
A. Monthly Electricity Bill > 1500
B. Available Rooftop > 200 square feet
C. Contact details of ZunRoof (+91-920-569-5690)
D. All of the above
Right answer – D
3. Who can go Solar through ZunRoof in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida?
A. Home-owners
B. Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Hotels
C. Factories, Shops, and any other commercial buildings
D. All of the above
Right answer – D
4. What is this “Solar” Technology?
Solar Rooftop PhotoVoltaic System and Net Meter – PhotoVoltaic cells convert sunlight falling on them into direct current (D.C.), which is then converted into alternating current (A.C.) by a grid-tied inverter at the same voltage and frequency that you are currently getting supply from the grid/DISCOM.
This electricity gets fed back to the grid and you are only charged for “Net” units at the end of month.
THERE ARE NO BATTERIES IN THIS SYSTEM, and the system is thus optimization at a global level with hardly any ongoing servicing or operational costs
5. How do I find out the right system size for myself?
Step 1 – Add the number of units you consumed over last 12 months, say, U
Step 2 – Divide the annual unit consumption by 1500
Step 3 – Take the quotient Q, e.g., if your annual usage is 7200 units, quotient for 7200/1500 is 4, so 4 kW is the system size you should go for. You can only go up to your sanctioned load though
Step 4 – Estimate available area on your rooftop that you want to give for solar, A
Step 5 – Divide A by 100; quotient is the maximum solar system size you can for, e.g. if you have 330 square feet, quotient for 330/100 is 3, so 3 kW is the system size you could go for
Step 6 – Getting this system means an investment of INR 65-75,000/kW. So, figure out how much do you want to invest and you will get the final answer for yourself

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