Solar in Delhi NCR Faridabad Gurgaon

Rooftop Solar Power Panels in India, Output Warranties Etc. about Solar in Delhi NCR

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Investment, Subsidy and Maintenance Questions for Solar in Delhi NCR before you go further

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1. What kind of PV panels should I get for going solar in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida – there are thousands of options available online?
Tier 1 Panels, the panels which have had high level of automation during their manufacturing. Also, do not hesitate to ask us for “specs” sheet.
As far as Indian vs. Imported goes, cost and subsidy eligibility are the only factors you need to consider – we will bring both options to you
2. How many units should I expect from 1 kW solar in Delhi NCR?
Through our installer partners, you should expect 1500 units per kW in Year 1 – this is calculated from the efficiency of Tier 1 panels and solar radiation data of last 10 years in Delhi NCR region
3. What is the output warranty on these PV panels?
Output in Year 10 will be at least 90% of output in Year 1 and
Output in Year 25 will be at least 80% of output in Year 1
4. Are the DISCOMS in Delhi NCR aware of this “Net Meter”?
Yes, all the installations happen after approval and registration through DISCOMS only, who will then replace your meters. Your meters are currently uni-directional (they count # of units coming out only), they will be replaced by bi-directional meters to count both “in” and “out” # of units. BSES, NDPL, DHBVN, UP Board – all of them are part of this solar rooftop PV revolution in Delhi NCR
5. Will you also track # of units produced by solar on my rooftop?
Yes, we will. Through data loggers in your inverters, we will give you an option to track solar electricity production online on a daily/hourly basis
6. What happens if I “over-produce” in a month?
Excess units will roll-over to the next month but they only roll-over till end of financial year and excess units at that point are either wasted or paid at a very low rate. So, plan to produce only around 90% of your annual electricity usage
7. I keep hearing “rent your roof”, “RESCO” and “Power Purchase Agreement”. How can I get that?
We will help you get this option for your roof too in which you don’t put in the Capital investment, an installer/EPC firm does and gives you a discount on your electricity rates. There is a minimum system size limit for this though – 100 kW. Do not forget to ask us the reason for this size cut-off on phone/in person

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