All your questions about Rooftop Solar Power System in Delhi and Diwali Gold Offer

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1. I have a garden on my roof in Delhi/Gurgaon/Faridabad/Noida or I want my kids to play on the roof or I want a shade to be created for me on the roof. Can solar still be installed?
100% yes – there are no approvals required for an elevated structure or shade to be created for installing solar system. The cost goes up slightly but it gives you all kinds of roof usage flexibility you ask for
2. What if I want to construct a new floor a few years down the line?
It is your roof and your solar rooftop PV system – we will help you do whatever you want. At an additional cost, our installer partners will de-install the system, keep it in warehouses till you get new construction done and re-install the system when you are ready again
3. Are monkeys, children playing around it, or hailstorms or high winds cause of concern?
No, No, No and No. The panels and the structures are quite strong and will only break if someone takes a big brick and starts pounding on the panels
4. Why do you charge fees for site assessment?
It is refunded to you when you confirm the order – it is a small fee for getting accurate drawing and shadow profile of your roof handed over to our installer partners and getting their best quotes for all the sites we visit. Do not forget to ask us to demo our applications to you when we visit your site
5. Why should we get solar through ZunRoof and not from any of the other options available online?
A. ZunRoof assures you of best price for best quality systems in Delhi NCR region
B. ZunRoof is all about transparency, 0 hidden costs, and a completely “no-hassle” process for you
C. ZunRoof has technology at its core – the 2 founders are B.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur with combined experience > 15 years in executing and delivering technology solutions
D. All of the above

Again, Right Answer – D
6. I still don’t feel I know everything about solar or ZunRoof. How do I get over this fear of unknown and say “yes”?
We are here to keep answering your questions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Keep thinking, keep asking. But please don’t think that Sun producing electricity is an unknown – it is a proven technology, there are all kinds of product and performance warranties we and our installer partners are bringing to you. It is arguably better than all investment opportunities available in our country.

And in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida, if you want to go solar, we will get you the best prices and the best quality. If you find a lower quotation for the exact same bill of material and design from a MNRE-approved installer, we will not match it, we will give you 1% lower prices than that.
7. All of this sounds great but I still find it difficult to convince my family to go solar. Are there any additional offers from ZunRoof to force me to take that final step towards solar PV for my rooftop?

Ok, so apart from bringing you best quality solutions for best prices, here is a Diwali bonanza offer to make you take that final step this September –

For every kW of Solar grid-tied PV order that you confirm for your home’s roof by Sep 30, 2016, we will give you 1 Gram Gold coin* – conditions being minimum order size 3 kW. So, a 5 kW order gets you Five 1 Gram Gold coins

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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  1. A very comprehensive faq by the zunroof team on why one should adopt solar power in their homes. All the very best for your future endeavours.

    Guys get solar, get going!!!

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